Friday, February 21, 2014

"Which Way?"

I was on a path that was leading up and straight
I could not see the end, but heard it was great
But the way was hard, and filled with strife
And the trip would take, till the end of my life
My companions were the few; who feared no pain
They looked to the end and all of its gain
I took them for granted as they helped me along
I thought I was better, and therefore didn't belong
So I went to the other path that lay on this side
Its way seemed easy, for the path was wide
I had very few problems and handled them with ease
I went where I would and could do as I please
My friends on this path were exciting and fun
we always caused trouble, and then we would run
One day we were running, and I stumbled and fell
I asked them for help, and they said, "go to hell"
That's when something from below said, "I will help you young man
I will make you rich and give you all I can
If you sign this contract, that promises your soul
I will throw you a line, and get you out of that hole"
Then the thing from below, started to whine
For something from above said, "He's not yours, he's mine"

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Where do you see yourself? What path are you on? I think most of us are pretty delusional when it comes to the perception of ourselves. We find fault with others very quickly and then applaud ourselves for least bit of self introspection. Our kids hear our stories of valor told and retold; we live off the past and it seems to suffice. Take a moment though and place this magnifying glass over a routine day. Did you lie today? Oh, but it was just business, right? Does what you tell your kids is wrong consistently apply to you? I tell my kids to do what's right no matter how much it hurts. I tell them to not watch someone else suffer; you must intervene. It's ok to be afraid, but do what's right anyway. I tell them to love everyone. I tell them you don't fight because you know you're going to win; you fight because its the right thing to do. If I think too long on it; I see the turtle getting back onto the paved road too many times, and my head hangs low.


  1. Loved your poem, "Which Way?" It is so powerful and so true! I would love to copy and use it with your permission.

  2. Of course you may. What's mine is yours and God Bless.