Thursday, February 20, 2014

"The Eagle"

An eagle flew by my twelve story window,
Yes he did
Dropped a fish on my balcony
And he didn't come back for it
Next day he did the same
I've been eating fish for weeks
The same
Can't get enough of it
And so they shot...
The eagle
But don't believe them
Don't believe them
Please don't believe them

- Calvin 'Cheese Grits' Yerke

Did your eagle 'have a dream', was he 'bound by conscience', or Love? Few men will say the next line or allow themselves the next step knowing their demise is at the end of the verse or at the top of this hill. Who in their life, their struggle or their sacrifice has influenced you? And has your steel been folded, fired and tested to the point that you can say, I believe in something this much and hear is my last to prove it? Is there anyone in this world much less the whole of us that you love enough to say, "here is my life for theirs?"


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