"Photo Gallery"

Steam punk Scale Lily
Bass at the Roost while waiting for Lily
My favorite game

Lily photographed at camp in St. Pete

Wild Turkey


Butterfly taking off
Tiny critter
Largemouth and a Bass
Scrumptious  Bluegill

Tasty Bullhead Catfish

Herping with the kids

Another type of Orb Weaver;
favorite photo subject of my wife

Orb Weaver; a rather handsome architect

Old school television

Wood pecker: a touch of red

Blenny at Sebastian

Beautiful vine 

A hawk and his unfortunate grass hopper

Oak Tree
A tree is just a vertical playground.

My dorks
The Dorks of Hazard by an old Cracker house.

Oyster mushroom "fungi"
A fungus my daughter referred to as an Oyster Mushroom.

swift lizard

A female Blue Belly Swift.
Picking Flowers

dear carcass

The Beauty of Decay

Poachers, poached gator
Fish bones

Tis a sin to kill one

A mocking bird


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