Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Slow and Steady

He took the long way there alone
Stood at the crossing where he might die
For he had chosen the pace of steady and true
Now a target for those that lie
So much slower he moved then they
That flatter at speeds unchecked
That kings surround themselves with
And bask in false respect
Yet onward this one travels
Till time has called him home
He is crushed upon the asphalt
But no longer traveling alone

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Monday, April 21, 2014

Let The Boys Be Boys

What are these things, taking over our pool, Dad?

Let the boys be boys, but don't leave the little girls out
Drew's missing a tooth from their last little bout
And Lily's almost had enough; it's about to get real
As she comes back with a snake she caught in the field
Well thats three boys down, and three left to go
So Drew opens her lungs and closes the show
With their hands on their ears, the boys all run away
The girl's got their pool back and now it's their time to play

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Friday, April 18, 2014

Strange Days

We joked around about a Kilt, and my buddy made an oath
I held him to it, telling him, that I expected nothing less
And there's my boss in shiny Travolta pants
Blushing, because he thinks Dan is wearing a dress

The sun was bright, so I split it up, and around it was a ring
Shaun stepped out to look at it and called a 22 degree
And maybe he was squinting, of that I'm not too sure
But I had to laugh, cause everyone knows a circle is 360

I walked with my boss to check the levels, on the backside by the lake
And there he was, too my surprise, a slowly drowning snake
My boss, who hates snakes, grabbed a net and gently fished him out
Strange day you think, why yes it was, of that there is no doubt

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Without Him

Always inspired by the teaching of this man.
All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof and correction that the man of God may be thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Love you, so listen to this, Calvin

Monday, April 14, 2014

" Ukrainian Poetic Prodigy"

If you haven't seen this it is words and not just drawn but extruded by a true poet of the hands. She is a prodigy in every sense and I was happy to find this along with her other videos.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

O of M

The Lord has sworn and will not relent, "You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek." Psalm 110:4 NKJV

Before we were a tribe our father paid tithe, to the priest of God Most High
Aaron was not born yet, the law had not been written, this is before the time of Levi
And the word which One would speak as the Word from which words came
After the order of Melchizedek, and born to bear the blame
The words had forever been engraved upon the minds of those who memorized
But staring at an empty cup, our hearts had long been mesmerized
And roaring through the past, of every book they read
We could not see the Lion, for the Lamb that stood here in His stead

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Being a Man

I thought I was a man until I watched this, but here he is in the land down under
And how did he figure this out before me, I wonder
Four venomous snakes, that's all he needed, yet it never crossed my mind
Maybe down there dry brush and matches are just too hard to find
So I am inspired, and with not 4, but 5 alligators in my truck
I'm going fishing with these guys, no need to wish me luck

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

"Afraid Part 2"

Boys only have one thing on their mind, I remember her dad telling her, and he was right all I wanted to do was go fishing. 
And as I read her good bye letter, one thing that really stood out to me, was that it was dated 3 days ago. 

All kidding aside, or some of it anyway, I guess its easy for us as men to find more contentment and reward in our occupations and hobbies then in our roles as husbands and fathers. It has always been hard for me to take anything seriously, especially when it comes to relationships. I remember the first time I stayed out and didn't call my wife to let her know where I was. Me and some of the other guys left work and went fishing till sun up the next day. I hated cell phones back then, and quite honestly, it never occurred to me that I needed to call. I returned home to a not so loving, pregnant, and emotional mess. It's hard to make that transfer from 2 to 1. 

Before we got married she told me that the thing she loved most about me was my sense of humor, but at the hospital, while she was going through labor, she asked me if some one told me I was funny once. I'm so confused. There was really, at least in my mind, nothing that I needed to change. The only real problems were money, work and other people. Marriage, however, doesn't allow for those as answers or excuses. If you look deep into the eyes of matrimony, you will find a mirror at the end of the hall, and unless you're even more delusional than me, you won't like everything you see. 

So I was thinking the other day, what if we all had to write a personal ad, and base the ad on what our wives see now. Remember, I thought I hid nothing, but marriage sometimes has a way of bringing out the things you hid from yourself. Let's see:

Tall, bald, epileptic, who cannot be serious to save his life seeks not too crazy, out door, fishing girl,who is very patient, kind and has low expectations as to my ever growing up. Oh and this is for serious relationship. 

My wife may have even agreed to that back then, but it changes once you get married, have kids and face life's obstacles together. I don't ponder the person she is often enough, but when she stopped breathing at the hospital, I started to ponder the person I was in relation to her. It was the person I was without her that frightened me the most. She is often my reminder of god's grace and forgiveness, and without her it was a dark a lonely thought. Well, I love my Meegan, and I hope this helps somebody, if even just to stop and think. It can't be only about you, because that is truly empty. The Picture above is gross, but it was the moment I was most helpless and dependent on God.  I was afraid.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Sometimes shiny means money and money means to have the means
But at no time is money more than its assigned; it's a currency of the mind
And you may laugh when I say faith, but I never sold my mind
But because we all agree collectively; we believe that we're not blind
So we build the tower a little taller, and a little wider at the base
Now everyone is here and everyone will know
And if everyone knows then everyone believes
What did you believe? Just go with the flow
Not good enough for me and I was growing hungry
So I left the brick and mortar and took up hook and line
And at the water's edge; I pull up something shiny
I laugh and take a look at the tower; I forever left behind.

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


What I was not, You were
What I could not, You did
When I was lost, You came
When I heard Your steps, I hid

I peered at you, from places dark
Avoiding Jordan's shore
Stepped out too far and met your gaze
Burnt to my very core

When I was lost, You found me
And I painted You in red
Now risen here in purple
I worship You instead

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke