Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Rock Revival" Cello (The new guitar heroes)

For anyone who hasn't seen this yet but appreciates music, this is a must see. You don't have to be an AC/DC fan to like what these guys are doing here with cellos and in my opinion owning the song. Is this the new cool? Will kids put down their guitar pics and drum sticks for bow? I don't know but it is fresh and I can watch it over and over again. As usual I am a late comer in discovering anything on the web, aps, just started social media a few weeks ago, but check out the rest of the songs on these guys channel.

Its great news for all the band geeks too, prett soon girls will be passing out over cellos, and recorder recitals. You can wear your steam punk and victorian outfits, and no one will laugh. They will all just want to know where you got it from or if you can help them design there own outfit. Charge the jocks double though because you know their intentions aren't pure. Awesome video though and the best new take on music videos I've seen in a while. Some may hate me for this, but I like it better than the original song. Check out Cello Wars and Cello Thunderstruck.


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