Friday, February 21, 2014

"From A Soldier Boy To The Girls At Home"

Kit was my Great Grandfather and this was given to me when I was young. I found it in a box with some of my old writings today. While I never knew the man, he held a legendary presence in the minds of those who did as I would find out later from the people who knew him. Did he compose this himself or like it and copy into a letter to a girlfriend or possibly my Great Grandmother? I am not sure, but here is the poem:

Darling when I am far away from you
Somewhere in France
I ask you to always think of me
And pray that I may have a chance

To leave you dear it was hard
The hardest thing of all
But I am no slacker
When I hear my country's call

To be at home with you little girl
It is happiness that is true
But I cannot see the enemy down
The Red, White, and Blue

I used to be with you
After beautiful happy days
But it makes me feel mighty blue
To think I am so far away

Someday in the far future
This great conflict will end
And a soldier boy who loves you
Will come marching back to you again

It is the duty of every girl
Who is left behind
To always remember the boy she loves
Who is on the firing line

The girls here are beautiful 
But anywhere I roam
There is none to compare with
The girl I left at home
For she was so sweet 
And loved the uniform

When the boys are marching by
In step with some national hymn
It thrills my heart to know 
That I was one of them

I wonder if she prays for
The boy that went away
Into the fields of hardship
Serving his country day by day
I told you when I kissed you
Those lips of yours so sweet
That I am going away
And again we may never meet

But don't give it upMy little darling
If you love me you will wait
If we don't meet on earth again
We will meet at the Golden Gate

But some girls are not so patient
Who will not wait so long
And will go and love a slacker
When their soldier boy is gone

When he goes to fight the battle
For his country and you
His thoughts are always resting 
On the one he thinks is true

When he returns in years to come
And finds his girl untrue
His whole life is ruined
And he is mighty blue

Bear this in mind little girl
And let your love be true
To the soldier boy in khaki
When he comes marching back to you

Throw your arms around him
And let him kiss your sweet little lips
And then he will tell you
About his wonderful trip

Don't respect a slacker
They deserve not a chance
They who you honor
Are on their way to France
And in the spring time
When the birds sweetly sing
Remember to pray for your soldier boy
Who is on the firing line

So goodbye

Composed by  Corpl. Kit C. Ritchie
                        Co - 7 - 3rd Div. Amn. Train
                        Chattanooga, Tenn.


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