Saturday, March 8, 2014

#22 "The Eagle And Now the Gull"

A seagull came the other day, to talk about the weather
And whether or not I would stand
I found it hard, so hard again
Been talking to the gull for weeks
It's great to have a friend
You don't find many of them
And no one shot the seagull
But someone said, "don't believe him
Don't believe him
Please, don't believe him"

I climb the stairs to the roof again
Wondering where, why and when
How this happened so fast, and then
Open the door and walk outside
Can anyone please tell me why
I've often wondered
Do just the good ones die?

Here I am, coming towards the edge
One step… smile for the birdie 
Just one more step and I'll be the eagle
Spread my arms to hug the sky
No, I don't believe that I can fly
But that's not the point
You know as well as I
I hear a bird beside me sing
A little sparrow with a damaged wing
He sang, "don't believe him"

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Even in my darkest places, my most clouded of contemplations, suicide always lacked a certain oops factor for me. It just wasn't something I could do on a trial basis, and then change my mind. Well, that didn't work out, so I won't be doing that again. Unless you fail miserably, then you won't be doing that again. I guess the people that feel things the most deeply find it easiest to base their beliefs on what they feel. We start listening to the wrong advice from the wrong people and some probably are of good intention and even of the mindset to want to help you. I had to get outside myself and quit running. Running did carry me along for a while, but when you stop, you either crash or you be still and know that he is God. 

He has sent messengers, left His Word and even sent His Son. Turn your eyes to the cross, and see your problems and depressions in the true light of this finite beginning. Yes, this long, hard life that you see, is only the beginning. It does not even register on the endless and most glorious clock of eternity.
Cast your cares upon the only one who truly cares, and quit listening to the gull- he's a fool.


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