Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Catfish and Cheese Grits"

"For if you love those who love you, what reward have you?" - Jesus Christ from Matt 5:46
Down south the wind blows warm, cradling a song fresh as the morning dew
But the summer rain is starting to fall, leaving me with nothing to do
But go inside with my friends and hang out for a while
Well it's catfish and cheese grits, they be set'n southern style
And telling me to come in, take my seat at the table
Eat all that I want or at least what I'm able
Well the talk turned to Blacks, like in a Black house it would
They started talking about Malcolm and I thought I understood
Till I opened my mouth and my X fell to 0
When I told the whole room that Uncle Tom was my hero
From the looks in the room, well I guess you could tell
Everyone staring at me saying, "Hey, what the hell?"
I said the man gave his life just as easy as they would take it
He knew, when your already strong then you don't have to fake it
Down south the night starts to fall, leaving me looking for some place to go
Down South I like it down town, the streets filled with people I don't know
So I work a 40 in a bag as I head down the street
Till I hit Scruffy Murphy's for a long island T
Where the girl with the dreads dances all through my mind
And keeps me searching for words that I can't seem to find
So I'm on my way out and some skin hails me round
He shows me a sign, and I let him know I'm not down
So he flips another sign and what's left me to say
I remember, Uncle Tom, Oh yea, Jesus loves you anyways
And down by the St. John's at the end of the day
I see the old man and stop to say hey
Uncle Top drop a line, good Lord gonna send Mr. Catfish your way
Good Lord gonna send, Good Lord gonna send, Good Lord send Mr. catfish your way
We may rise, we may fall, might find the courage on my own
And if you don't like what I'm saying then don't pass me the microphone
But if you want me to apologize, well the check's in the mail
Just remember catfish and cheese grits; it's a southern sort of tale
And tell the good Lord I said hey
I've been fishing for answers all day
Keep'n on,tell the good Lord I said hey
Uncle Tom drop a line and tell the good Lord I said hey
Just tell the good Lord I said hey

- Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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