Friday, February 28, 2014


Bound in chains, the chains of my own
I planted them well and now they've grown
More and more links I make and I add
My conscience grows weak, my heart becomes sad
But this feelings I take no heed
Just make more links at the quickest of speed
I keep them hidden away from all
No one must see me when I stumble, I fall
My friends, they know me for who I am
Adults still me as a little lamb
Oh, it will pass; its just a phase
Pretty soon you'll laugh when you talk of these days
They say this often; I don't know why
If they saw the chains they'd yell or cry
It is so hard to loose these chains
For now they've become my walking canes

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

"Nothing New"

Catches the boy, the trap is not in falling
But in being without a guide
Why must it be this way or that way
You have forgotten me
So run with haste
The wind that taste
Close Your …
It's all been said before
Just cup your hands over ears
And scream
Falling down and don't retreat
You've left me, it seems alone
Or I've ignored you steps
Towards what you whisper
Snowy winters
Now speak your …
Its all been said before

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Rock Revival" Cello (The new guitar heroes)

For anyone who hasn't seen this yet but appreciates music, this is a must see. You don't have to be an AC/DC fan to like what these guys are doing here with cellos and in my opinion owning the song. Is this the new cool? Will kids put down their guitar pics and drum sticks for bow? I don't know but it is fresh and I can watch it over and over again. As usual I am a late comer in discovering anything on the web, aps, just started social media a few weeks ago, but check out the rest of the songs on these guys channel.

Its great news for all the band geeks too, prett soon girls will be passing out over cellos, and recorder recitals. You can wear your steam punk and victorian outfits, and no one will laugh. They will all just want to know where you got it from or if you can help them design there own outfit. Charge the jocks double though because you know their intentions aren't pure. Awesome video though and the best new take on music videos I've seen in a while. Some may hate me for this, but I like it better than the original song. Check out Cello Wars and Cello Thunderstruck.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." - John 10:10

Morrison, oh Morrison, a drunkard preaching
Spoken of the truths you alone could not find
Little red Riding Hood; you ate her
Manson and yourself, not a heart between
Deceitful mass of selfish ambition
Tear stained glass cathedral windows
Monuments of those who follow
Only to have there spirits torn, discarded
By those who live for, love, lie the tongue
The greed, by which they yield their souls
To the downs

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Monday, February 24, 2014

"Flowers on Weeds"

Stay the night and be there still in the morning
Stay the night and everyone after that 
Eyes like a fire, she will burn you boy
Don't really mean to, but she's killing you and you're destroyed
Little wonder why I love you, you've got so much inside
Little wonder why I'm leaving; I've got too much to hide

- Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

We say we want people to love us, but we are too afraid to reveal who we are. So when they say they know you, how does it feel to remain unknown? If every relationship you start is under false pretenses then who do you really love? My name is Calvin, and I am afraid of not doing things well, or having my writing judged as trite. I am scared of failing, but I am willing to let you see me. This is who I am.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

"The Least"

I was walking down the street, feeling all alone
When from the shadows in an alley, I heard a man grown
Not thinking of the man, but only for me
I started to run, but then heard his plea
"Sir, please don't leave," I heard him cry
"For I have been mugged and beaten, and left to die."
So I ran into the dark, forgetting my fear
And the old man smiled and wiped away a tear
"Forgive me,' I said, 'for taking so long
My fear overtook me, and I know it was wrong"
He said,"Don't feel bad for I've seen many today
Your not the only person, who has passed this way"

-Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

We all imagine ourselves heroes, waiting for the worst case scenario when we'll rise to the occasion and save the day. But what about all the  missed alleys of opportunities in between?


Little spark within my heart; I kindle and it grows
No fire yet, while fed by thought, it's there but know no one knows
The wood of practice lies all around, but I never pick it up
In theory such a simple thought, in my life an empty cup
A cold wind comes, I shiver some, but settle for a sheet
I thank people for the blankets they give, but then leave them at my feet
Never really covering myself, for fear that I might suffocate
To avoid some pain I freeze to death, and live as though I hate

- Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Friday, February 21, 2014

"From A Soldier Boy To The Girls At Home"

Kit was my Great Grandfather and this was given to me when I was young. I found it in a box with some of my old writings today. While I never knew the man, he held a legendary presence in the minds of those who did as I would find out later from the people who knew him. Did he compose this himself or like it and copy into a letter to a girlfriend or possibly my Great Grandmother? I am not sure, but here is the poem:

Darling when I am far away from you
Somewhere in France
I ask you to always think of me
And pray that I may have a chance

To leave you dear it was hard
The hardest thing of all
But I am no slacker
When I hear my country's call

To be at home with you little girl
It is happiness that is true
But I cannot see the enemy down
The Red, White, and Blue

I used to be with you
After beautiful happy days
But it makes me feel mighty blue
To think I am so far away

Someday in the far future
This great conflict will end
And a soldier boy who loves you
Will come marching back to you again

It is the duty of every girl
Who is left behind
To always remember the boy she loves
Who is on the firing line

The girls here are beautiful 
But anywhere I roam
There is none to compare with
The girl I left at home
For she was so sweet 
And loved the uniform

When the boys are marching by
In step with some national hymn
It thrills my heart to know 
That I was one of them

I wonder if she prays for
The boy that went away
Into the fields of hardship
Serving his country day by day
I told you when I kissed you
Those lips of yours so sweet
That I am going away
And again we may never meet

But don't give it upMy little darling
If you love me you will wait
If we don't meet on earth again
We will meet at the Golden Gate

But some girls are not so patient
Who will not wait so long
And will go and love a slacker
When their soldier boy is gone

When he goes to fight the battle
For his country and you
His thoughts are always resting 
On the one he thinks is true

When he returns in years to come
And finds his girl untrue
His whole life is ruined
And he is mighty blue

Bear this in mind little girl
And let your love be true
To the soldier boy in khaki
When he comes marching back to you

Throw your arms around him
And let him kiss your sweet little lips
And then he will tell you
About his wonderful trip

Don't respect a slacker
They deserve not a chance
They who you honor
Are on their way to France
And in the spring time
When the birds sweetly sing
Remember to pray for your soldier boy
Who is on the firing line

So goodbye

Composed by  Corpl. Kit C. Ritchie
                        Co - 7 - 3rd Div. Amn. Train
                        Chattanooga, Tenn.

"Which Way?"

I was on a path that was leading up and straight
I could not see the end, but heard it was great
But the way was hard, and filled with strife
And the trip would take, till the end of my life
My companions were the few; who feared no pain
They looked to the end and all of its gain
I took them for granted as they helped me along
I thought I was better, and therefore didn't belong
So I went to the other path that lay on this side
Its way seemed easy, for the path was wide
I had very few problems and handled them with ease
I went where I would and could do as I please
My friends on this path were exciting and fun
we always caused trouble, and then we would run
One day we were running, and I stumbled and fell
I asked them for help, and they said, "go to hell"
That's when something from below said, "I will help you young man
I will make you rich and give you all I can
If you sign this contract, that promises your soul
I will throw you a line, and get you out of that hole"
Then the thing from below, started to whine
For something from above said, "He's not yours, he's mine"

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Where do you see yourself? What path are you on? I think most of us are pretty delusional when it comes to the perception of ourselves. We find fault with others very quickly and then applaud ourselves for least bit of self introspection. Our kids hear our stories of valor told and retold; we live off the past and it seems to suffice. Take a moment though and place this magnifying glass over a routine day. Did you lie today? Oh, but it was just business, right? Does what you tell your kids is wrong consistently apply to you? I tell my kids to do what's right no matter how much it hurts. I tell them to not watch someone else suffer; you must intervene. It's ok to be afraid, but do what's right anyway. I tell them to love everyone. I tell them you don't fight because you know you're going to win; you fight because its the right thing to do. If I think too long on it; I see the turtle getting back onto the paved road too many times, and my head hangs low.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Catfish and Cheese Grits"

"For if you love those who love you, what reward have you?" - Jesus Christ from Matt 5:46
Down south the wind blows warm, cradling a song fresh as the morning dew
But the summer rain is starting to fall, leaving me with nothing to do
But go inside with my friends and hang out for a while
Well it's catfish and cheese grits, they be set'n southern style
And telling me to come in, take my seat at the table
Eat all that I want or at least what I'm able
Well the talk turned to Blacks, like in a Black house it would
They started talking about Malcolm and I thought I understood
Till I opened my mouth and my X fell to 0
When I told the whole room that Uncle Tom was my hero
From the looks in the room, well I guess you could tell
Everyone staring at me saying, "Hey, what the hell?"
I said the man gave his life just as easy as they would take it
He knew, when your already strong then you don't have to fake it
Down south the night starts to fall, leaving me looking for some place to go
Down South I like it down town, the streets filled with people I don't know
So I work a 40 in a bag as I head down the street
Till I hit Scruffy Murphy's for a long island T
Where the girl with the dreads dances all through my mind
And keeps me searching for words that I can't seem to find
So I'm on my way out and some skin hails me round
He shows me a sign, and I let him know I'm not down
So he flips another sign and what's left me to say
I remember, Uncle Tom, Oh yea, Jesus loves you anyways
And down by the St. John's at the end of the day
I see the old man and stop to say hey
Uncle Top drop a line, good Lord gonna send Mr. Catfish your way
Good Lord gonna send, Good Lord gonna send, Good Lord send Mr. catfish your way
We may rise, we may fall, might find the courage on my own
And if you don't like what I'm saying then don't pass me the microphone
But if you want me to apologize, well the check's in the mail
Just remember catfish and cheese grits; it's a southern sort of tale
And tell the good Lord I said hey
I've been fishing for answers all day
Keep'n on,tell the good Lord I said hey
Uncle Tom drop a line and tell the good Lord I said hey
Just tell the good Lord I said hey

- Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

"The Eagle"

An eagle flew by my twelve story window,
Yes he did
Dropped a fish on my balcony
And he didn't come back for it
Next day he did the same
I've been eating fish for weeks
The same
Can't get enough of it
And so they shot...
The eagle
But don't believe them
Don't believe them
Please don't believe them

- Calvin 'Cheese Grits' Yerke

Did your eagle 'have a dream', was he 'bound by conscience', or Love? Few men will say the next line or allow themselves the next step knowing their demise is at the end of the verse or at the top of this hill. Who in their life, their struggle or their sacrifice has influenced you? And has your steel been folded, fired and tested to the point that you can say, I believe in something this much and hear is my last to prove it? Is there anyone in this world much less the whole of us that you love enough to say, "here is my life for theirs?"

"The Wrong Way"

Beautiful day in the park.
"I say, I'm going the wrong way." - D. Do-Right
Try to find the way, back down to where we were
Wrestle with the noise of all the things you've heard
Sorry if I lied; I didn't mean to, I swear
But we do it so damn much, its getting so I don't even care
But you're always such a roller coaster rider
The truth is when she talks; I try to hide from her
Because somebody showed me the wrong way
Yea well somebody taught us the wrong things
And I've been looking for answers to your questions
While at the same time trying real hard to forget them
Because they could really hurt you, if you let them.

- Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

"Afraid Pt. 1"

"The most extraordinary of fears can grow out of the suffering of the greatest of Loves. -

The picture is of some hash browns Lily made for us. It has very little to do with my post, but the picture I originally had there may be pushing it for some people. You see a few weeks ago my wife called me at work and she was crying. This time, not because of what happened on "Game of Thrones", or someones cute FaceBook post, no, she was in pain. For the first time in our marriage I heard the words,"I am calling an ambulance." She had been having pain in her side for a few days but at this point it was too much to bare. So the ambulance came and got her.

I left work as fast as I could, trying the whole way there to convince myself that everything is ok. What is this feeling? There are so few things I am afraid of , but her, that would be way too much to deal with. "God, please, I can't figure this one out, help me be calm, don't take her away from me." The stuff that goes through one's mind at these times is overwhelming.

When I got to the emergency room and found Meegan she looked like she was going through labor, only she wasn't pregnant, so then what? The ER hadn't done anything yet, and she informed me that I needed to go home because a police officer was watching the kids. So I left her and ran home, where one of the local sheriffs greeted me and let me know that the kids were ok. I was very grateful for this. I know we tend to view police in a solely heartless authoritarian sense at times but here he was, a true public servant, watching my babies. I thanked him, made some phone calls, grabbed the girls and headed back to the hospital.


That He might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the Word - Eph 5:26
Sit alone, I never know just what to say
Better still, I write my will; they won't remember me
I see
And lying at the water's edge, the tide is coming quickly
On her back, her eyes are closed, I hope she's just pretending
Because she's lying in the water and I wish that I could save her
She's lying in the water, I wish that I could stop her
Mom said better days will come; I just wonder where they went
But I gotta say watching you drown was never my intent
But I'd miss you, girl, and I love you
So I stayed, and I waited and I hated it
Now here you are; you've had your fill, the water calm and still
I asked you why you changed your mind
And you point to some dead guy on a hill
Who is he
Because she was lying in the water, and I couldn't save her
She's no longer in the water, so now she thinks that I'm the one whose drowning

- Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

"The Mountain and the Mantis"

“We are not heard for our many words, but for the cry of our hearts.”
John F. MacArthur Jr., Alone With God

Climbing over the mountain, the mountain that was white
I now find myself in the land of reality
So I cast a pebble on the pond, the sacred pond
And though my reflection is now disturbed
I feel better now, though this may sound absurd
But you don't have to tell me that she's already out there
And I will be forever in her care
You don't have to tell me that she's already out there
Because I already know

I won't say her name; I leave it unspoken
The problem with her is that she's never been broken
And it's all for laughter that we talk right now
But if she could take my head off, she'd do it some how
So maybe you're not the one and maybe I was mistaken
Because everything I build, you just keep breaking

- Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

"The Band That Didn't Happen"

Maybe it was never meant to be or just a form of OCD that compels me to think of things in rhyme or song, but not a band. If my finger is tapping on the keys then I have to finish something. What? A pattern I guess, a story or proper end to a verse. The scariest thing is when it turns from a poem, to a short story, or God forbid a novel that I freeze up in; or I am challenged by so many opposing ideas or other pressing issues at work or life in general. Yet to follow this trail offers its own release and to share  and receive feedback all the more. 

I was that guy, not so long ago, who refused to carry a cell phone or to use FaceBook, but my journey into Cyber Space has connected me to some of the most wonderful people. Some of the people I already knew or at least thought I did. I have seen many of my professional acquaintances in the new light of their talents and interests, and connected with people I thought long lost from my past. So why I was so slow to do this? I don't know, but I hope you will join me and I hope you enjoy this sight.

So, I am somewhat of a dinosaur, but I'm learning and Catfish and Cheese Grits never became a band, but I can still share songs on here and so can you.