Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Afraid Pt. 1"

"The most extraordinary of fears can grow out of the suffering of the greatest of Loves. -

The picture is of some hash browns Lily made for us. It has very little to do with my post, but the picture I originally had there may be pushing it for some people. You see a few weeks ago my wife called me at work and she was crying. This time, not because of what happened on "Game of Thrones", or someones cute FaceBook post, no, she was in pain. For the first time in our marriage I heard the words,"I am calling an ambulance." She had been having pain in her side for a few days but at this point it was too much to bare. So the ambulance came and got her.

I left work as fast as I could, trying the whole way there to convince myself that everything is ok. What is this feeling? There are so few things I am afraid of , but her, that would be way too much to deal with. "God, please, I can't figure this one out, help me be calm, don't take her away from me." The stuff that goes through one's mind at these times is overwhelming.

When I got to the emergency room and found Meegan she looked like she was going through labor, only she wasn't pregnant, so then what? The ER hadn't done anything yet, and she informed me that I needed to go home because a police officer was watching the kids. So I left her and ran home, where one of the local sheriffs greeted me and let me know that the kids were ok. I was very grateful for this. I know we tend to view police in a solely heartless authoritarian sense at times but here he was, a true public servant, watching my babies. I thanked him, made some phone calls, grabbed the girls and headed back to the hospital.

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  1. I read this today because my wife told me that she was very touched at what you wrote. I had not read it and I apologize now for this. I have recently realized how deeply you think about things and now I see how deeply you feel about things and I find it inspiring. Sadly, I told my wife that I had nothing to relate to as far as what you described. I was present for the birth of two of our daughters and her one major surgery but never more than that.

    However, I understood perfectly what you meant and I was and am very thankful to God that I have not had that experience. I can relate certain family incidents that drive your heart into your throat and make you sick with worry especially when my kids were young but that is not quite the same thing. Truly loving someone that is not of your blood is a blessing, a challenge and a requirement from God that not everyone takes advantage of. I feel blessed to have that experience and responsibility.