Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Winter is Coming"

He said, "winter is coming, and you need to prepare"
"Too busy," I told him, I don't really care
I don't believe in winter; it gets warmer everyday
The sun is out longer which means more time for play
So he told me to visit the ant, and then he called me a sluggard
I think about that, as I drink from the river he calls gutter
Slugs are very slow, and I am anything but that
So it must mean cool, handsome and fast
Go ahead and observe as I hop through the grass

Now I come some time later to the ant and his labor
He's busy in the field, collecting food with his neighbors
So I grace him with my presence; I do him this favor
"Dear ant,' I call out, 'its time for a break
You are tired and weary, so stop for goodness sake"
"I can't stop just yet, the sun is going away"
"Exactly,' I say, 'we are losing the day
If you don't stop this now; there'll be no time for play"

So he stops and he smiles, and then with a straight face
He says, "winter is coming, have you prepared your place?"
"Oh no,' I tell him, 'they've gotten to you too
But I have yet to see this winter; so, I know its not true"

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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