Tuesday, March 4, 2014

#18 Go, Go Godzilla

Isn't that Malcolm's dad? This is a movie that I'll have to watch just because it takes you back to be a kid again, yet with more visually pleasing, modern graphics. It's not dubbed or subtitled either which is a huge plus. I rember as a kid feeling sorry for Godzilla because to me, animals don't have the capaacity to be evil. He was just big and misunderstood. My daughter's and I have discussed this alot; you really can't help how or what you were born. It is is fare on both side in that struggle of life or death, to defend oneself and family, but I see a lot of people ignorantly killing things because there poisonous or even worse, just because they are a snake. God made everything and he saw that it was good. We introduced sin into the world by the fall. We have been more poisonous to this planet than Godzilla could ever hope to be.

Nephrurus Amyae
My favorite little knob tail Godzilla


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