Thursday, March 6, 2014

#21 "Moon Shine"

There was a place, I had to find
A place where things get left behind
I could not get there in my mind
For it was lost
But in a place, I had never been
I looked for it again
Deep in the woods I went, hoping to lose my way back
Up one Holler, down the next, I came upon a shack

It stood out to me that what I found
Was not intended to be found
And the crackling of leaves and twigs, sent shivers down my spine
Being still by light of moon; I watched him make his shine
And though I came here quite by chance; I dared not speak my mind

This man appeared a bit on edge, glaring into the black
Just like an owl, he peered towards me, but I refused eye contact
And quietly I held my place praying he would leave
Because though I found this place by chance, I don't think he'd believe

Finally he packs his wares just before the light of day
Oh hurry up, I say inside, before the light gives me away
Then he by truck and I by foot go quickly on our way
I find a place high on a hill to make up what I lost

-Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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