Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Bug

Cheese Grits at Lake Destiny on a Craw

From the west and partly cloudy, and so I cannot go to work today
I'm coming down with something, and there's no cure, they say
This bug must run its course, through snot and matted weed
It cannot be ignored, it is the type of  cold that you must feed
And so I pull this frog from throat, and hook it onto line
As you're passing by me, you say I look just fine
But no, that's not the case at all, these things can be deceiving
On the outside I am smiling, but inside I am grieving
Which spot will be the best today, to cleanse my hurting soul
I cannot walk there fast enough, the fever takes control
Autumn's disease has stricken me, but no one seems to care
My request for disability was met with empty stares
The world is cold and cruel my friends, so thank God for rod and reel
Because not everyone knows how to fish, so they've forgotten how to feel

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke

Crane's Roost Bass

Lake Destiny on top water

Catfish in Kissimee
Lake Destiny on Culprit Gumbo

Lake Destiny on Zoom Toad

Large mouth bass at night

Lily and the Bass

Drew and a hard earned gar

Spade fish in St. Pete

Bull head catfish

Drew kissing a Blue gill in Clermont


Large mouth bass in Clermont

Wading the grass with Lily at John's Lake


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