Friday, October 24, 2014

Daddy Day Care

Scale Lily Steam Punk

If I had one of those wives who loved to shop, I would go with her as long as she was headed for the Altamonte Mall. I look around at some of the other men fishing at Crane's Roost and wonder, are they waiting out the time out here while their wives are trying on clothes inside? I had to drop Lily off at the fall festival for her school, and so I decided to to run up the street and take a few cast while I waited. I had a few Senkos left and thought it would be good to try them Wacky rigged since the weather had been changing, and since the fishing was a little more difficult there. This fall weather is beautiful and I managed two fish right off, hmm, maybe I should start a babysitting service for husbands. We could meet in the mall parking lot, and for ten dollars, your wife could leave you with me and I would provide you with a rod, some lures and the best invention for passing time. Pretty reasonable and I could invest the money back into the fishing economy. That would help keep my lures, hooks and line replenished and you could feel accomplished, that you had avoided a wasted afternoon of shopping in a place that did not start or begin with the words bait and tackle. Ah, but alas, a lovely dream.

Crane's Roost largemouth

I don't always shop when I go to the Altamonte mall but when I do, I wish I was doing this instead


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