Friday, April 24, 2015

Brick and Mortar

Now I see through a glass dimly, but then face to face
Now I know in part but then shall I also know
Even as I am fully known
Is my faith rational, you ask me
It presupposes that I nor any other creature knows all things
It acknowledges that I can be like all others, irrational
It looks though, upon the house, that still stands from before anyone alive can remember
And acknowledges there was a builder
Many schools of thought arise to who this builder be
Some will say there was none, and that the world just fools the naked eye
It gives the appearance of design, but that that is not the driving force
If I said this about the house I live in they would think me mad
Look at the wood, obviously it has seen the saw
Those are concrete blocks, they point out and look how evenly they are stacked
The earth, the universe, so much more complex than the house
Larger than the span of time to which we are held
To me it just says something to the magnificence of the Builder
For all that it acknowledges, faith is not irrational, it is a gift
When it no longer acknowledges its inability, reliance
 Or comes from other than the promise of the Creator
It is no longer faith
It is a magical force, derived by irrational thinking in a mind that was designed to be capable of rational thought
I read the Bible much more now and I have yet to find a more honest approach or definer to the condition and state of men
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God, and so by this, in accordance, all us could not be faith
From Genesis to Revelation I see design, the Creation, man's fall, God's redemptive plan for this. It is across thousands of years and so many writers, the story of a God Who cannot change in His relation to sin, but a God Who is also love, and so being more of action than mere words, He makes the only sacrifice feasible to eternal justice. The sacrifice of Himself is the only one fit for eternity.
I praise God for Who He is, and for extending His gifts of grace and faith to sinners like me. 
My faith did not originate from me, therefore I am not the creator of my faith, and so as it rest in God, Who cannot be irrational like men, it is most rational.


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