Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cloud Huggers

I'd rather come to you with feet, holding up a dove
Prepared to talk about the state of things in love
But I hear you're eating everything and calling it progress
So now it is your thirst for blood, that first we must address
I plead with you to turn around, and now I plead with God
On your behalf, I beg His grace and would gladly walk away
But I can't make that deal with you, I don't believe a word you say
If it were just me then I could dress most gladly like the fool
But you're attacking everyone, from high upon your stool
From lofty places in your mind where really you don't stand
You justify the acts they fear, your faith is force of hand
You're blind and lost just like I was, and if ever you truly see
It was not from the words I said, it was not because of me
The clouds are building rapidly; you would not recognize the afternoon
Darkness has touched everything and is reaching out for you
You smile at its cunning and are quick to hold its hand
But now you're going to learn what you refused to understand
I told you at those heights, there's no air for you to breathe
The sun was just behind the cloud, but the cloud's what you believed

Calvin "Cheese Grits" Yerke


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