Thursday, December 22, 2016


The Blackstone

Teak neighborhood grill is a wonderful gastropub, tucked into the Metro West/ Valencia area of Orlando. The burger list is extensive and everything looks hand crafted. The normal patty is a full half a pound and when you ask for medium rare it is spot on. The grill has an appealing atmosphere both inside and out, but it was a cool day so we chose the patio with the fire pit. Be sure to ask for the underground menu as well, there are over 30 burger choices when combined, and the only ones I was unsure of had doughnuts for the bun, and I may be a bit too conservative for that. What I did try was the Blackstone, which is like eggs Benedict and a burger having a baby. Awesome! It was 12 dollars for the burger, but I was do full when I left there, and the food is really at the level that fits the price. I give it a 10 on the Scales any day and will be back again.

Teak outside
Teak with the crew


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