Saturday, September 19, 2015


Outside of Miami and St. Pete, this has to be one of my favorite Cuban experiences. In fact, its been so long since I've eaten in Miami, I can't remember the name of the Diner we enjoyed so much down there. ZaZa is amazing though, the bread is fresh and the dishes are made with care. Its a busy place but its so geared toward providing good service that you really don't wait very long. I have been meaning to grab a bite there for some time, and I finally went in and had a Bistec sandwich with black beans on the side. Incredible! It looks so simple but taste so good, and the beans are perfection. I also tried the empanadas, and my wife and I agree that these are some of the best we've had, definitely the best since moving to Altamonte. This place is a ten on the scales, because the food is perfect, its filling, and the atmosphere is wonderful. I will be back often, especially since I owe Lily a daddy date, and they have some guava cheese pastries there that she would kill for.


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